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PCCW mobile customers enjoy the most comprehensive mobile phone
reimbursement plan in Hong Kong from i-Guard

June 27, 2012

HKT (SEHK: 6823) – HONG KONG, June 27, 2012 – Relevant Marketing (HK) Ltd. (“RMI”) and PCCW mobile jointly launch i-Guard PhoneProtector, Hong Kong’s simplest and most comprehensive mobile phone protection plan that will assist customers in the reimbursement and replacement of their phone should it be lost, stolen or even damaged beyond repair.i-Guard PhoneProtector is provided by RMI’s i-Guard Direct Ltd. and is currently available only to PCCW customers who purchase a new phone under a PCCW mobile fixed-term service plan.

“Mobile phone customers spend a tremendous amount of time on their handsets for voice calls and SMS, but increasingly also for email, web surfing, instant messaging, social networking, shopping, banking and investment decisions and gaming. As a result, mobile phones and the data they now hold for us are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Accordingly, many people are more willing to buy high-end smartphones to enjoy a better user experience. The new i-Guard PhoneProtector will provide PCCW mobile customers with peace of mind by ensuring that should their new mobile phone become lost, damaged beyond repair, or stolen, they will receive assistance with reimbursement and replacement of a new phone”, said Mr. John Laroche, Group CEO of RMI.

i-Guard PhoneProtector applies to any kind or model of basic feature phones or high-end smartphones. The first month’s service fee will be free and customers may cancel the plan anytime.

i-Guard PhoneProtector is available at a monthly rate of as low as $10 per month for a feature mobile phone, or $20 per month for a smartphone.

Mr. Richard Midgett, Managing Director of Wireless Business, said, "We are very pleased to partner with RMI in offering this innovative new product. The new i-Guard PhoneProtector will provide our customers with a fully comprehensive value added service plan that assists in the reimbursement and replacement of not only phones that are stolen, but also those that are lost or damaged beyond repair."

For more information about i-Guard PhoneProtector Lost/Damaged Beyond Repair/Stolen Handset Reimbursement Plan, please visit the i-Guard’s website

For service details, please call PCCW mobile at +852 2888 0008, or visit any PCCW shop.

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PCCW mobile is an operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider which is majority-owned by PCCW Limited. As well as providing high-quality voice and data communications, PCCW mobile serves a broad spectrum of customers by offering media content and interactive services as one of the PCCW Group’s unique quadruple-play platforms. This enables subscribers to tailor their own lifestyles with a rich mix of innovative mobile services, such as real-time TV, streamed digital music, shared viewing of photos and video clips, remote monitoring, ticketing, instant messaging, email solutions and an integrated fixed/mobile office communications solution. To learn more about PCCW mobile, please visit

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HKT (SEHK: 6823) is Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public and local and international businesses with a wide range of services including local telephony, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile, and other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sale, outsourcing, consulting and contact centers. Together with the highly successful media business of its parent company, PCCW Limited, HKT offers innovative media content and services across the PCCW Group’s unique quadruple-play platforms – fixed-line, broadband Internet access, TV and mobile.

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